(Society for reproduction and fertility supplement 65)

E Roldan and M Gomendio (Editors)

BK2007 04

Published: Nottingham University Press, 2007

Book Description
This book reveals the enormous potential that the study of spermatozoa has to improve our understanding of basic questions about evolution and about cellular function, and to develop new ways of manipulating sperm cells for applied purposes.

SECTIONS: Sperm formation, DNA and nuclear proteins. Evolutionary biology of spermatozoa. Accesory glands and role of secretory fluids in sperm function. Signalling and sperm function. Sperm motility. Sperm-egg interaction. Epigenetics of fertilization. Spermatology and wildlife conservation. Manipulation of sperm cells. Spermatozoa and human fertility.

ISBN (10):1-904761-48-8
Language: English.

Hardcover: 542 pages