Christopher J. De Jonge and Christopher Barratt (Editors)

BK2006 02

Published: Cambridge Universtity Press, June 2006

Book Description
This is a comprehensive and definitive account of the human male gamete. The volume summarizes many unique and revealing characteristics of the sperm cell that have only recently been identified. It provides a detailed overview of human sperm production, maturation and function, and looks at how these processes affect and influence fertility, infertility and ART. This is the first dedicated account of the sperm cell to be published in almost a decade. The volume thus provides a very timely review of the most recent research and developments, augmented with the latest references. This book will appeal to all practitioners and scientists in reproductive medicine and in particular to clinical scientists, graduate and post-graduate scientists, and laboratory personnel.

ISBN-13: 9780521853972
ISBN-10: 0521853974