Thinus F. Kruger and Daniel R. Franken (Eds.)

BK2004 01

Published: Taylor & Francis, CRC press, 2004

Book description
Sperm morphology evaluation by strict criteria is the gold-standard used by IVF and andrology units around the world. It is based on an approach to sperm morphology evaluation that utilizes optimal preparation methods, evaluation procedures, and criteria for a morphological normal spermatozoon based on biological evidence. Featuring fresh perspectives from the founders of the Tygerberg strict criteria, Atlas of Human Sperm Morphology Evaluation provides state-of-the-art information on crucial aspects of male factor infertility. The atlas consists of an introductory teaching manual that gives readers the ability to train and test their diagnostic capabilities and enables laboratories to implement quality control measures.

Together with a team of internationally renowned experts in the field of human reproduction, the editors explore every avenue you need to know to successfully evaluate and manage male factor infertility. An accompanying interactive CD-ROM training program, STRICT 1-2-3® is available from the editors. STRICT 1-2-3® has been developed alongside the atlas to provide not only a complete theoretical background on sperm morphology, but also self-training facilities. Laboratory directors and technicians will now be able to set up their own internal quality control program for sperm morphology evaluation.

The book 1) gives the reader the ability to train and test diagnostic capabilities, 2) draws on the editors' 25 years of experience in the evaluation of sperm morphology, 3) clarifies the strict criteria and its comparison to other evaluating systems.

ISBN: 978184214277
Number of Pages: 86. It includes high-quality illustrations of normal and abnormal sperm.