Roger S Kirby, MD, Culley C Carson III, Michael G Kirby, Alan White (Authors)

BK2004 03

Published: Taylor & Francis, 2004

Book description
Men die younger and when sick they seek help later. While it is now accepted that many of the causes of premature death in men are potentially remediable by appropriate education, counseling, diagnosis, and therapy, few, if any, inroads have been made in terms of actually closing the mortality gap between the sexes. Why, given the facts, is men's health still so neglected?
Taking a comprehensive approach, Men's Health, Edition 2 fills a gap in the available literature on specifically male health issues. Completely revised and updated, the second edition covers disease management, maintenance, and prevention. The editors address the full range of men's healthcare problems, from sexual to surgical, medical to psychiatric, and including illness prevention and health maintenance.
Like its predecessor, this new edition is intended not only for primary care practitioners, who wrestle everyday with the consequences of ill health among men, but also for specialists such as cardiologists, urologists, and others, who deal with the diseases that afflict men. A well-illustrated clinical guide, the textbook is an exhaustive reference on male health from childhood to old age.
The book: 1) Addresses the full range of men's healthcare problems, 2)Takes a comprehensive approach to disease management and health maintenance in men, 3)Provides a ready reference to the healthcare problems of men, 4) Contains approximately 100 illustrations that highlight the concepts covered in the text.

Pages: Hardback, 540, Illustrations: 129 colour, 78 b+w, 65 tables
ISBN: 9781841842585