Elsayed S.E. Hafez and Saad Dean Hafez (Eds.)

BK2005 01 

Published: Taylor & Francis, CRC Press, 2004

Book description
Andrology, the science of the physiology, pathology and molecular biology of male reproduction, is a relatively new specialty that has become increasingly important with the advent of modern assisted reproductive techniques (ART). The Atlas of Clinical Andrology describes both normal and abnormal reproductive physiology, and summarizes recent research in the fields of endocrinology, immunoandrology, molecular andrology, and ART. Focusing on the cutting edge of recent knowledge and advances in clinical andrology, it incorporates the latest clinical research findings and makes them accessible to clinicians who need this essential information for the most effective application of assisted reproductive techniques.

Key features include 1) more than 100 illustrations and photographs, including sperm ultrastructure, using transmission and scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscope, 2) summaries of important information in easy-to-understand tables and algorithms, 3) highlights advances in molecular biology as applied to genetic engineering, stem-cell physiology and cloning for therapeutic purposes.

Number of Pages: 256