Elsayed S.E. Hafez, B. Hafez, Saad Dean Hafez
Series: Encyclopedia of Visual Medicine Series Volume: 67

BK2003 01

Published: Taylor & Francis, CRC press, 2003

Book description
Meeting the needs of professionals in this growing specialty, Atlas of Reproductive Physiology in Men summarizes some of the latest research in the field. Packed with tables, color illustrations, and photographs, the book covers laboratory techniques and morphological, anatomical, biochemical, immunological, hereditary, and microbiological parameters and their clinical applications. A comprehensive and well-referenced resource, the atlas bridges the gap between basic and clinical science.

The book: 1) highlights advances in molecular genetics that have impacted assessment of the physiopathological processes of the stress response , 2) presents specialized techniques such as GnRH and hCG tests, steroid metabolism in vitro, RNA extraction and tests, RT-PCR, H-steroid receptor binding, flow cytometry, nucleus decondensation, and chemotaxis assays , 3) explores areas of future research including immunoandrology, erectile dysfunction, prostate health, ART, and genetic engineering.

ISBN: 9781842142356
Number of Pages: 260. Contains more than 125 color illustrations and photographs