by Carrell, D.T.; Racowsky, C.; Schlegel, P.N.; Van Voorhis, B.J. (Eds.)

Carrell 2009

Publisher: Springer

Book Description
Infertility is a widespread medical condition. As new technologies emerge, the rate at which our understanding of reproductive medicine grows can be overwhelming. The Biennial Review of Infertility provides the most up to date advances, ideas, and controversies together in one volume. Due to the distinctive nature of infertility, a panel of well-respected experts strives to present each chapter in a clear manner, specifically focused on evidence-based medicine. The Biennial Review of Infertility presents a balanced view of clinically relevant existing information for the evolving areas. Created to provide an ongoing appraisal of current knowledge, the Biennial Review of Infertility motivates communication amongst all those working to help couples resolve their infertility.

Written for:
Reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, andrologists, embryologists, laboratory technicians, gynecologists, clinicians and nurses

318 pages 56 illustrations, 2 in color
ISBN: 978-1-60327-391-6